IV Pole in my living room . . .

2 Nov

Well, it was fitting for Halloween I guess – that I had an IV pole in my living room. But, it is weird to have it here in my living room. I presumed that once the IV antibiotics are over with that the nursing outfit/home care provider would be packing it up and taking it away. But nope, I am supposed to throw it out. I will gladly do this as I really do not like the hospital like atmosphere that it lends. But, I can not believe that they do not recycle these things. Maybe I can recycle it somewhere. It appears to be mostly aluminum.

I had a really good weekend. I am getting stronger, walking more and getting outdoors . . . all good things for me to be doing. And, I have had great company, so what more could I really ask for.

The IV pole goes sometime next week – they have added an additional five days of IV antibiotics for good measure I guess – and then I will be free of this pick line thing. My doctor wants to see me on Wednesday to make sure the infection is gone and that it is safe to take the pick line out. It will be a relief.

I was supposed to start radiation this coming Wednesday, but that was postponed. Now the plan is to start a week from this Monday.

I saw my reconstruction surgeon this past week and she ordered that I be on the IV antibiotics a bit longer and then she decided to do one more expansion. I was surprised by this because she said we were done with the expansions. But, she did one more on just one side. It was quite a day Thursday – I had the antibiotic treatment in the am at home. then I was off to my next medical appointment for the Herceptin treatment (a 90 minute infusion that I get every 21 days, it is not that bad actually, but makes me pretty tired), then it was off to see my reconstruction surgeon supposedly just for a post hospital check up on the infection that I had (hopefully it is had) and instead out came the saline and on came the pain. Since I had been told there would be no more expansions I did not take any pain medication before hand. What a difference that makes. Ouch.  But, I am now promised that this was the last expansion – no more. Woo-hoo. It was just a lot for one day – it began at 9:30 am and then I was home at 5:30 pm.

I really like both of my surgeons. And this one is really excellent. And, so while I was not expecting to be expanded again, I trust her that it was the right thing to do.

So, tomorrow is another week and it is chock full of medical appointments. I have one day free – without a trip to a doctor – and that day is Thursday.

I am still not driving, but should be pretty soon (so I am told). So now I have to coordinate transportation to and from all of these appointments. Like I have said before, it really does seem – sometimes – like a full time job. But, it always seems to work out. So, I am hoping for the same this week.

Thank you all for our continued prayers. I am grateful for every prayer and positive thought sent my way.

2 Responses to “IV Pole in my living room . . .”

  1. Jeff November 5, 2009 at 11:40 AM #

    I was thinking of you on Halloween. I really liked that black wig you wore last year, quite the witch.

    Anyway back to Halloween. As usual there was a potluck in the lunch room. So on Monday last week I set up a scarecrow in the corner sitting on a chair with some corn stalks behind it and a pumpkin or two. Everyone thought it was a little weird but got used to seeing it during the week.

    So on Friday before they started bringing in the food I got inside the costume and just sat there, waiting. When someone would get close or make a comment about the scarecrow I would move and say something. Of course they would jump, scream or laugh hysterically. I would make them promise not to tell anyone else that came into the room. So by the end of lunch everyone was in on the charade and they were directing people to go sit by the scarecrow to have their picture taken. It was a fun time for everyone.

    Now back to you. I read your earlier blog about depression and not calling friends or blogging, etc. Forget about it. Those who know you and those who have been there understand.

    There is nothing wrong with crying, feeling depressed, scared or angry, as long as you can’t stop it. Call me I will make you laugh and forget about it for a little while.

    I think you are on the upswing now, at least from the tone of your blog. Smile, you make me and everyone else that reads your blogs smile also.


    • cancerfree2b November 5, 2009 at 3:34 PM #

      Hello Jeff,

      Thank you for your message. I wish I could have made it to the halloween potluck/costume competition . . . or was there a competition this year? If so, you clearly should have won it! What a great idea you had, brilliant. So was there a good turn out? Last year we did pretty well. I really wish I had been there. I would have loved to have seen people’s faces reacting to your real life scare crow! 🙂

      I haven’t been by the office in a while. I did come by to get my mail over the weekend and I saw the fallout in the lunchroom from Friday’s festivities 🙂

      Thank you for your support and for the offer to talk. I will probably take you up on it some time.

      I have to say, I feel like I am being a baby – – whining on the blog about my pain and all. But, it is what it is I guess.

      If any one has any pictures from Friday they want to send, I would love to see some.

      Thank you again for your message.

      Take care,


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