Recovering . . . so I am told

19 Aug

Well, this will be very brief.

I am home and have round the clock care. It is tough right now. I am in a lot of pain. Especially at night, I have no idea why. From a pain and nausea stand  point, this is NOT easier than chemo (some body told a little white lie about how surgery was a breeze compared to chemo . . . hmpf. But, then they had their surgery BEFORE chemo – before their immune system was shot from months of toxic chemicals coursing through your body. so I am sure they were telling the truth, i just thought it was a little amusing, hard to be amused these days, but I manage).

My body is so incredibly weak, unbelievable. can’t do the simplest things – cant open refrigerator door, can’t open much of anything for that matter. typing is kind of a killer too, but i can usually get in about 5 min w my left hand – rt hand is not cooperating. Will write more later when I am up to speed.

One Response to “Recovering . . . so I am told”

  1. Marv August 20, 2009 at 3:28 PM #

    Hey Lisa,
    I just saw Molly’s comment in your blog (and your reply). She must have done it when I went out for a little bit to run an errand. I guess I have to turn off my computer when I leave her alone. I can’t trust her for a minute. Everyone she meets when I take her out thinks she is such a cute “puppy”. And so nice and quiet and obedient. I don’t tell them they can’t know the “real” Molly until they have to live with her.

    Hang in there, Lisa. Hopefully the worst is over and it can only get better. Remember – “Nothing But Sunshine Ahead”.


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