Surgery tomorrow?

6 Aug

My surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. I was cleared for surgery on Tuesday (or at least it looked that way, based upon the early tests). But, I just got off the phone with one of my surgeons and she is not happy that I have a cold right now. I am on an antibiotic and have been for the past three days. But, I am coughing, have a sore throat, and congestion in my chest and sinuses. I presumed regardless I would go forward with surgery. But, my surgeon says it is the anesthesiologist’s call. Great, I have never met him or her. Anyway, I am still presuming that I will go forward with surgery tomorrow. But, I guess it is a little bit up in the air now.

I have to go to my reconstruction surgeon this afternoon (this was news to me, found out this morning about it) to be marked prior to surgery. I have to go to her Mission Viejo office which is about a 45 min to 1 hour drive from here. Not the way I wanted to spend my afternoon today.

Have to shower first with some kind of special pre-surgery soap … hibacleans it is called. This will be my last shower for a few months. Isn’t that nice 🙂

But, I am doing fine . . . completely holding it together . . . I just poured myself a glass of juice . . . only instead of getting a glass out of the cupboard, I pulled out a bowl and filled it with juice. Yep, I am completely with it today.

Well, I am off to take my last shower for a while 🙂

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