"Huge Blues" . . . the band, not my state of mind :)

11 Jul

Huge Blues BaldThis is a picture of our blues band, “Huge Blues”. From left to right: Tim lewis – vocals and guitar, Brett Caplinger – harmonica, Paul Hughes – guitar, center, me – stand up bass and vocals.  The whole band is bald now 🙂  Paul shaved his head so we would all be bald 🙂 Thank you for doing that Paul, very sweet. My brother Steve also shaved his head. He did it on the same day that I did. He lives in San Diego and sent me a picture from his cell phone as soon as he had done it. I will post a picture of the two of us up here soon.

Huge Blues is playing at the Orange County Fair tomorrow at 3:15 on the main stage. It should be fun. Hopefully it will not be too hot. The heat is not my friend these days. But, it is a short gig, so it should be fine.

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