I am grateful for . . .

6 Jul

Lisa&Garrett_07-06-09This is me with my nephew Garrett. He is such a delight. We had a lot of fun yesterday. He loves to play peek-a-boo. I am so grateful for him and for his parents.

I am grateful for for my parents, family and friends, mint tea, the love that surrounds me, the neighbor children who walk my dog each morning Monday through Friday, the ocean, that I am physically strong,  new friends and old friends, air conditioning, the support that comes from unexpected places and for not caring that I am bald (I know so many women who are terribly distraught over the loss of their hair during chemo and can not go anywhere without a wig – I am SO grateful for not feeling that way – I feel very lucky that it doesn’t bother me to go out in public without hair – I hate wearing a wig. I know it isn’t a choice either, it either bothers you to be seen bald or it does not. I am so glad that it doesn’t bother me. Cancer can be so isolating and I am just so grateful that I don’t have that limitation of not being able to go out without a wig. It would be awful). Besides, it’s kind of cute that my 11 month old nephew has a lot more hair than me 🙂

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