Thinking of going public . . .

4 Jul

So I have been giving some thought to making my diagnosis public.  I haven’t because of my business and the fear of how knowledge of my having cancer might affect my ability to draw clients. But, I am thinking that once I am done with chemo that I might go ahead and let it out. It has been quite burdensome to have to keep it a secret. I prefer to go bald, but can’t do that when meeting with a client. So I wear a wig. The wig looks amazing, you would never know it is a wig. But, I hate wearing it. It is hot, uncomfortable and it just isn’t me.

I will be off from work for a couple of months after I have surgery. This all happens to fall within our non-busy season, so that is good. So perhaps I will wait until I get done with the surgery. I don’t know. At that point I will be done with chemo and surgery and only have radiation left. The radiation will last 6 weeks, will be daily, but will only be about ten minutes each day (so I am told). The radiation affects everyone differently. So, I am not entirely sure what to expect with that. But, hopefully I will tolerate it well.

Oh, and when I say “go public”, I really just mean (assuming that I decide to do this) that I will not hide it. I think it will be less of an issue for my business once I am out of the chemo.

I guess I will just wait and see how it goes.

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