Looking forward

3 Jul

So the weekend is nearly here and I am coming out of this past chemo round now, thankfully.  I am feeling a lot better than last night.  There is improvement really with every hour now.  I am so grateful for that. I am not 100% yet, but I am working on getting there.

Fortunately, tomorrow will mostly be rest and time with friends.  And, maybe even a trip to the gym.  I am finding that going to the gym is far easier than walking because with the gym I can always quit when I need to and go home if I start to feel weak. But, once I have walked half a mile, I have to walk it back.  With the heat, this is a bigger issue now as I really can not tolerate much warmth.  So, the air conditioned gym is a great way to go right now.

Well, just wanted to check in and let everyone know I am definitely on the mend from this last round.

I will write more soon.

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