Spoken a little too soon

11 Jun

My 4th chemo seemed pretty good at first, but am not recovering well.  I am trying to stay positive but it isn’t always so easy especially when there is pain. Saw oncologist today, was very frustrating – it was clear he had not read or reviewed my chart/file – I spent the whole time “catching him up” on what he should already know and correcting him (for example, he thought I had only had two chemo rounds, not the four that I have had – he even argued w me about the number of chemo rounds I have already had  – he finally realized I was correct, I guess that is good).  It is just frustrating to spend so much energy on preparing to see your doctor and then to realize he doesn’t even have a clue what is going on with you. Could he just maybe actually read my chart or file? Sorry to sound so grim, just having a rough time now. Haven’t slept much at all in the past three days, definitely a rougher go this time.  Will write more later.

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  1. Sandy June 11, 2009 at 4:47 AM #


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