More Great News!

3 Jun

I was able to speak with my surgeon today and she went over my MRI results in detail.  I knew that the results were good and that my cancer was shrinking.  But, now I have even better news.

Originally there were three small (millimeters in size) tumors in my right breast.  Now, after three chemo rounds, two of the tumors are no longer visible on the MRI.  In addition, the third tumor has lessened.  My doctors are thrilled, I am thrilled.

So now I have both fantastic news and also some answers.  I will be going ahead with the chemo and not interrupting the chemo to do surgery earlier.  This is great.  I am halfway done with the chemo now.  If all stays on track (I continue to tolerate the treatments and I am able to have each treatment as planned) my last chemo round will be on July 15th. Then I will have surgery about three to four weeks later.  My surgeon is thinking the first week of August for my surgery date.  

In the meantime, I still have to meet with more plastic surgeons to decide on the type of reconstruction and the timing of it. Fortunately, my surgeon is helping me in with plastic surgeons more quickly. I have met with one already, but she does not have a lot of experience with reconstruction after radiation. So I have been referred to a plastic surgeon who specializes in breast reconstruction after radiation. My insurance has not approved this yet (but, I am told that it will be approved).  Anyway, my surgeon is helping to facilitate that so I can meet with the plastic surgeon very soon and be closer to deciding which is the best type of reconstruction for me.

Anyway, it is so late right now, and I have to get some sleep.  But, I wanted to share this great news!  Please keep praying for me, it obviously it is working!

I will write more tomorrow

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