I walked a mile in my own shoes today.

31 May

Not that I would walk in anyone else’s shoes . . . but I was glad to get back out there and get at least a little bit of exercise.

Exercise is really key for my treatment. All the research bears this out. In fact, women with breast cancer who maintain a low fat diet and a regular exercise routine decrease their chance of recurrence by 25%. And, women who exercise during chemotherapy dramatically decrease their chances of getting anemia (this is what can cause pretty severe fatigue in chemo patients).

I hope to also get to the gym today if I can. I have to first get ready for my next chemo which is this coming Thursday, June 4th.  So today will be about cleaning up my house, arranging for care takers (as I can’t be alone during the three or four days after chemo). And I need to shop for the right foods that I need during those days as well.  So that is my Sunday.

I am on my way right now to see my brother, sister-in-law and my 9 month old nephew for a late breakfast at blackboard bistro in Seal Beach.  It will be nice to see them.  Then it is back to my chores. 🙂

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