MRI Tomorrow

29 May

Tomorrow I am having my second breast MRI. I am nervous about it as it will tell us whether the chemotherapy I am getting is working. Kind of a scary thought to think that it might not be. So, say some prayers, send some good thoughts out my way tomorrow. I will have the MRI tomorrow morning. I will get the results on Monday or Tuesday.

My next chemo round is scheduled for June 4th. But, I don’t know if I will be having that round or not yet – not until we get the results of the MRI. If the cancer is shrinking, then I will keep going with the chemo (having three more rounds, each every 21 days). I hope this is what I get to do. Well, because that means that everything is working well and I am responding well to the treatment.

As far as how I am feeling – other than being nervous for tomorrow and the results next week – I am feeling really pretty good. I walked a mile this morning (try to do that everyday now).  And, I have been able to work a lot since my third chemo (not something that I was able to pull off after the first two really).

The weird thing is that while I can do many things, there are little things that I can not – like open a water bottle, or most any screw top, or grasp certain things, or use a can opener. Another example, I can’t put sheets on my bed – the bottom sheet is impossible for me to get on. I don’t have this problem every day, just some. It starts right after the chemo and lasts a week or two. But, it gets increasingly better the further out I get from the last chemo round. It is just weird. The good thing is that it is temporary.

Well, hopefully the MRI brings good news!

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