Finally got some sleep!

27 May

Nothing really new to report. Everything is Good. Today I am feeling good.  Didn’t get enough water in the last few days – somehow lost track of that – which lead to headaches and who knows, maybe was part of the reason I am “overheating” so much at night.  There’s so much to remember to do to stay feeling upright – water, water, water and food every hour or so.  I have lost weight, but am at a healthy weight.  With the first chemo I lost about 6 pounds, then gained two more in between the first and the second chemo. Then I lost another 5 pounds with my second chemo. So, I started to panic a bit, because at that rate, by the end of treatment I would definitely be too thin.

But, since I changed oncologists (the best thing I ever did) I have been able to keep my appetite up during the chemo aftermath.  His approach to managing the chemo symptoms is much better and as a result my third chemo was just dramatically better than the first two.  I hope the rest continue with that same control over the symptoms, that would be great.

Anyway, I am at a healthy weight and glad that I did not lose any weight with the third chemo.

I have a Herceptin treatment tomorrow (have this every week on Thursdays). I have some very good friends who take me to and from (you know who you are).  I am so grateful for that help.  It is a bit frustrating that I can’t drive myself to and from these treatments – other women do.  But, for some reason, I am unable to tolerate the Herceptin without being first doped up on quite a bit of benadryl. It isn’t such a bad feeling really – unless of course you had any plans of doing anything like reading or any work – some people actually do this while they are getting treatments.  Oh, but not me, nope. I am practically passed out while I get the infusions – the benadryl definitely makes for a good night’s sleep on those days – so that is the bright side. Anyway, thank you so much for driving me you guys.  It makes such a difference.

Well, that’s about it for today . . . but wait, there is more, a very good friend of mine called and took me out to lunch today.  It was great to be out and to catch up.  Thank you GL!

It’s back to work now.

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